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Fighting wildfires can be demanding and dangerous. The job is not for everyone. However, it is also challenging, thrilling and undeniably satisfying. With decades of wild fire fighting experience, FIRE 1’s instructors use their passion and expertise to provide the highest quality training experience. What you learn will have a direct impact on your life and those around you. We will train you to do it safely!

On-site Training
  • SP100 - New recruits and also for re-certification every 2 years
  • SP102 - Forest Industry Wildland Fire Fighting
  • SP103 - Fire Department Wildland Fire Fighting
  • SP105 / SP106 - Industry Fire Suppression Training

The ability to inspire confidence and trust in the services received from FIRE 1’s instructors are made possible by a lifetime of experience. The knowledge they bring of forest fire fighting techniques and advice cannot be gained through the simple following of training manuals.
Past clients include:

  • • Union Gas Limited | An Enbridge Company
  • • NPL Canada
  • • Algoma Power
  • • Detour Gold
  • • Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd.
  • • Kiewit/Aecon New Post
  • • Hydro One
  • • Valard Construction



Wildfire Protection Planning & Services

FIRE 1 is dedicated to helping at-risk communities establish recommendations and priorities that protect their members, homes, and essential infrastructure and resources from the destruction of catastrophic wildfire, and will also assist in the implementation of hazardous fuel reduction projects utilizing local skills and expertise.

Past clients include Town of White River and Smooth Rock Falls.

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