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Please print out, complete and bring with you to the Fire1 WFX Fit testing.

  1.    Participant Consent Fire1 WFX-FIT-InformedConsent.pdf    
  2.    Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire - Par-Q+  WFX-FIT-ParQ.pdf

Please Note:

If you answer “Yes” to one of the 7 questions on the Physical Activity Readiness-PAR-Q* Form, you may be required to have your physician complete a PARmed-X Form, please indicate which question(s) in the comment box located at the end of this online application form.

* PARmed-X Form  

On-line version of the ePARmed-X+  http://eparmed-x.appspot.com/

Note: When completing the ePARmedX-+, the WFX-FIT is classed as an intense, vigorous activity that requires an appropriate clearance stating that you are cleared for “Unrestricted physical activity” with no restrictions. Further clearance may be required from your physician prior to participation.


If they are too worn on bottom you will NOT be allowed to participate in the testing until you have safe footwear.

WFX Fit Required Forms

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