Fire 1 is an approved FireRanger WFX-FIT testing agency.

Type 1 Wildland Fire Fighters must be physically fit in order to fight wildland fires safely and effectively, as well as to avoid injuries and recover quickly. In particular, they must have suitable levels of aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance.

The WFX-FIT is a valid job-related physical performance standard used to determine whether an individual possesses the physical capabilities necessary to meet the rigorous demands encountered while fighting wildland fires.

There are five (5) components to the WFX-FIT: a screening component and four (4) performance components.

WFX-FIT is completed as a timed circuit. All performance components must be test together.  Fire fighters must be able to complete the test within 14 minutes and 30 seconds in order to be eligible for national exchange.

Pre-screening measures

Pre-screening includes:

You must arrive at the testing site with your completed PAR-Q+, Informed Consent for WFX-FIT and Release of Results documents.

Your resting blood pressure will be taken on site. If it is higher than 144/90 mmHg, you will need to provide a doctor’s note clearing you to take the test. If you know from a previous test that your blood pressure is high due to anxiety, you can arrive at the testing site with a note from your doctor that clears you for heavy exercise.


If they are too worn on the bottom you will NOT be allowed to participate in the testing until you have safe footwear.

WFX - FIT Testing

WFX-Fit Location Schedule

Please choose a Testing Location/Date

2020 Registration

Cochrane February 22

Lindsay  March 28

Ottawa  March 4

North Bay  April 4

Kitchener  March 20

WFX-Fit Registration

If you would like to book a WFX-FIT testing session please complete the following;

1. Choose a testing location/date below and complete form and payment.

PayPal (credit cards accepted). Credit card is the preferred method of payment. If Email money transfer is the ONLY option, please contact us at to arrange registration and payment.

2. Confirmation email.

PLEASE WRITE DOWN YOUR TESTING DATE AND TIME as this email, of completed registration, is your ONLY confirmation. Check SPAM or Junk folder. Please contact Fire1 if you do not receive this.

3. Required forms.  

Please complete and bring with you to the WFX-FIT testing.

Fitness Training


For Type 1 Wildland Fire Fighter Testing.

A physical fitness training program to prepare candidates for performing the WFX-FIT.

Further dates/locations to be announced soon!

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