SP102 Forest Industry Wildland Fire Fighting

The SP102 focuses on Forest Industry Staff.  Under the authority of the Forest Management Planning Manual and the Crown Forest Sustainability Act, conditions are placed on Forest Operations, through the Annual Work Schedule, to provide for fire prevention and preparedness.  Successful completion of the SP102 means woods industry staff are considered "trained and capable" under the "Modifying Industrial Operations Protocol"


SP102  SP103

Note: Each SP102/103 course is 2 days in duration.  Day 1 being the indoor portion, with Day 2 consisting of hands-on field activities.

SP103 Fire Department Wildland Fire Fighting

The SP103 is designed to provide Fire Department staff with basic firefighting skills as determined by the Ontario Fire Marshall, the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs and the Ministry of Natural Resources.  The SP103 is a pre-requisite for the MNR delivered "Strategies and Tactics" workshop designed specifically for Fire Departments.

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