Mandatory Disclosure: “Successful completion of the SP100 Fire Fighter Training Course does not guarantee employment. Of the approximately 400 annual entry-level positions (crewmember) within MNR, the vast majority are filled by returning staff. However, a turn-over rate of roughly 30% is expected annually meaning approximately 120 new fire fighters are hired each spring. Please note: The turn-over percentage varies depending on location so each Fire Management Headquarters should be contacted directly as to actual job opportunities. During periods of escalated fire activity, the MNR may hire Supplementary Fire Fighters to assist in a variety of roles. However, these are short-term, temporary contracts that end when forest fire activity returns to normal. There is also privately run firefighting crews (Type 2) that the MNR hires during escalated fire periods. These Type 2 fire fighter providers should be contacted directly as to actual job opportunities. You are encouraged to visit our website at for more information.”

PLEASE NOTE: As per new 'Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act' (PIPEDA): " I understand that my personal information collected by FIRE 1will be released to the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), following successful completion of the SP-100 Forest Firefighter Training course. The information may be used by the MNR to contact individuals should employment opportunities be available. It may also be released to other forest firefighting agencies for the purpose of employment opportunities.”

This 40-hour course will prepare you to assume the role of an Ontario entry level forest fire crew member. You will be taught basic fire behaviour and fire terminology; trained to MNR standards in the maintenance and operation of equipment such as the power pump, and in the proper use of suppression hand tools, communications and camping equipment.

SP100 course program:

40%  Theory based in the classroom

60%  Practical field work



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