A Wildfire Protection Plan can be as extensive or basic as appropriate and desired by a community. However, all must include the following critical steps.

✔ STEP One: Community Involvement

✔ STEP Two: Establish a Community Base Map

✔ STEP Three: Develop a Community Risk Assessment

✔ STEP Four: Identify Community Hazard Reduction Priorities and Recommendations to Reduce Structural Ignitability

✔ STEP Five: Develop an Implementation Plan and Assessment Strategy:

✔ STEP Six: Present Plan to Community Members/Stakeholders

✔ STEP Seven: Finalize Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Fire 1 is dedicated to helping at-risk communities establish recommendations and priorities that

protect their members, homes, and essential infrastructure and resources from the destruction of catastrophic wildfire, and will also assist in the implementation of hazardous fuel reduction projects utilizing local skills and expertise.  Contact us today at fire1training@gmail.com