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On-site Training

It is up to the forest industry companies; railways and Fire Departments to set their own standard for the instructors.  The MNR does not provide formal certification for this training. However, the strength and ability to inspire confidence and trust in the services they receive from Fire 1’s instructors are made possible by a lifetime of experience. The knowledge they bring of forest fire fighting techniques and advice cannot be gained through the simple following of training manuals.

Wildfire Protection Planning & Services

Fire 1 is dedicated to helping at-risk communities establish recommendations and priorities that protect their members, homes, and essential infrastructure and resources from the destruction of catastrophic wildfire, and will also assist in the implementation of hazardous fuel reduction projects utilizing local skills and expertise.  We provide structural protection systems (outdoor sprinklers); pumps/hose; and FireIce.

Who we are

Lori Anne Stanger

Principal Owner of Fire 1

Lori Anne Stanger is a member of Temagami First Nation with familial ties to Timiskaming First Nation. Having obtained employment experience and college/university education in:

and Canada’s Labour Code, she is Fire 1’s main contact and manages all business aspects. (Bookings, financial controller, marketing etc.) Lori Anne is also the WFX administrator, and main Standard First Aid/CPR Instructor for Fire 1.

Charles Ingleton

Co-Owner of Fire 1

Charles Ingleton, a northern Ontario resident, is Fire 1’s main trainer.  He is an experienced ex-Forest Fire Fighter with 21 years' OMNR fire experience in various aspects including;

Charles is Fire 1's main SP series instructor and course coordinator. His many years of forest fire fighting; including his experience instructing on the SP200 (Crew Boss Course); education  in the Recruit Fire Training program at Texas A&M University and 16 years as a Volunteer Municipal Firefighter with Facilitator/Trainer experience, means Fire 1 is positioned to exceed your fire training expectations.

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